Light Defense Turret

type Defense Turrets

damage 40 25

range 140

reload speed 1

accuracy 50.0 %

size 8

hull strength 400

cells usage 10

Defense Turrets reinforces city defense.
Every building level creates a single turret, which will provide support from behind the last line of defending Mechs.
Thanks to the unique technology of light materials, the damaged (or destroyed) turret is immediately rebuild and ready to be used during the next battle.
In order to completely destroy the turret, you have to raze it's building with the Anti-building weapons.
The turret is a good solution for defending against light Mechs looting your city, however their efficiency during regular battles with heavy units is limited.

required buildings

Light Defense Turret at level 1

required researches

Light Defense Turret at level 1

base research cost


base production cost